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Welcome to the website of DD & S, Die Delivery and Services. DD & S is an Authorized Reseller of non-packaged, semiconductor die and wafers, with factory contracts with Samsung, Cypress Semiconductor and Netsol. Our niche market focus allows us to be expert in the storage, shipment and handling techniques of bare un-packaged devices. Appropriate use of such techniques can be vitally important to the successful application of high value, fragile devices.        

Allow us to share our die/wafer experience with you on your next design or help to recommend the die or wafer to use for your application.

In addition to die/wafer sales, the Services page delineates those services available as a result of doing business with DD & S and those services available on a consulting fee basis.

DD & S announces the availability of Value Added Services – VAS.  We have consummated strategic alliances with two outstanding, experienced companies, Silicon Turnkey Solutions and DPA Components International to serve three purposes: (1) Speed-up the discovery to booked order cycle of die and wafer sales, (2) exchange and enhance our business opportunities from die sales to substrate design through tested/shipped products, and (3) to broaden our overall technical resources.

VAS gives us the competence to support the customer throughout the entire product development process. (see hotlink for DPACI bottom of Services page)

The new Samsung Semiconductor Part Number Decoder links can be found at the bottom of the "Order" page.

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We have announced our newest service.

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Static RAM. Oscar Mike.

From the comand line to the front line, DPACI and Falcon keep you on the move.

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